Set up email on outlook

This tutorial was made using outlook 2007 as client, but the information can be used in any client, like Outlook 20010, Outlook 2013, Thunderbird.

1. Open your outlook to set up a new account.

Configurando email no outlook

2. Check the checkbox option below to define the server settings manually.

Configurando email no outlook

3. Choose to set up and email from internet.

Configurando email no outlook

4. Fill the fields with the information from our server:

  • Name: The name that will be show as the FROM;
  • Email address: your email address, eg:;
  • Account type: POP3;
  • Income server (POP):;
  • Outgoing server(SMTP):;
  • Username: It's the full address, eg:;
  • Password: Your email password.
* Remember to change the domain for you own domain.

Configurando email no outlook


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